From Fact to Fiction: Using Primary Sources in Creative Writing Classes

Libraries and archives may not be the first places that come to mind when creative writing students are thinking about composing their next assignment. Inspiration is often assumed to be all a writer needs, but there are actually several ways in which books, manuscripts and University Archives collections can be helpful.

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Walk This Way: Introducing the TribeTrek Walking Tour App

Swem Library’s Special Collections Research Center is excited to introduce TribeTrek, a new app that showcases the history of our campus. Photographs from the University Archives illustrate self-guided campus tours, allowing users to see how buildings and landmarks have changed through the years, while at the same time learning about the many traditions at William & Mary. Continue reading

We Want Your Electronic Records and Digital Material!

More than ever, we are creating electronic traces of our lives and electronic records in our work. Whether you transfer your department’s records to University Archives or you are donating personal papers to the Special Collections, we want your digital material! We collect transfers and donations regardless of format; we are interested in the records or papers you create, physical and digital alike.

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