X Marks the Swem Spot

1949 Aerial view of W&M CampusThis is a 1949 aerial photo of campus long before any of the “new campus” buildings.  The “X” marks the spot where Swem Library would be built in 1964.

In the 1948-1949 session there were 2,047 students; classes began on September 26 and commencement was on June 11.  At the 1949 graduation there were 458 bachelors, 3 masters and 1 PhD degree conferred; and the W&M football team beat the Richmond Spiders 34-0 on October 29. Go Tribe!


One thought on “X Marks the Swem Spot

  1. Very interesting story, and fantastic aerial photo!…not to split hairs but the “X” actually marks the location currently occupied by Millington Hall – the future location of Swem Library is just a bit below and to the left of the X (or about 300′ west of the X)

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