Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-05

  • Haven't hazed #thenewguy yet. 1st class of semester is in the morn & considering making him present items w/hands a la The Price is Right. #
  • @benuski Be sure to bring vaseline for your teeth tomorrow. in reply to benuski #
  • Yay newguy! RT @SwemSCRC Hello everyone! I'm the new guy in the SCRC, and I'll be doing some of the tweeting from now on. #
  • The last time there was a hurricane scare in these parts I went to Baltimore; we were soaked on the way to the aquarium. So worth it. #
  • @cowboycourtney Do we work with the same people and I just haven't noticed? in reply to cowboycourtney #
  • Some days we are an office that can't get a birthday card right. #
  • the students eager to intern/volunteer in archives coming out of the woodwork at the beginning of this semester are cracking my archives <3. #
  • @benuski Did you hear what @herbison just said? Not a bad idea. What do you think? Just another hashmark, right? #
  • @kitschqueen The first time I voted in NY I was like "uh, can I get a little help in here? I haven't ever used one of these dinosaurs." in reply to kitschqueen #
  • said goodbye to stalactite & former box of baking soda that had a chemical reaction months ago. the dept's fridge=clean. #iamaprofessional #
  • @poshlost I practice voted for Ronnie on paper-just like 98% of my classmates. Some things you never stop regretting. in reply to poshlost #
  • @CyclinArchivist I vote at that strange community building "downtown" & they have drive-thru voting for the handicapped. Love it. in reply to CyclinArchivist #

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Swem Library’s Special Collections Research Center is a learning lab for students, much like a science lab, except the raw materials we offer for your experimentation and observation are original manuscripts, photographs, rare books, sheet music, maps, and other unique or rare treasures documenting humanity’s history and culture.

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