Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

  • OH reaction of 1 student when looking at Wheatley's book in @SwemSCRC today: "Holy #@$!" in reply to SwemSCRC #
  • RT @yourlastword Is there a trainer in town who could help me train my monkey 2 speed fan a .22 caliber single action revolver? Totally safe #
  • @benuski You're lucky we waited this long before it happened. I received 3 on my 1st day at my last job. #letsnottalkaboutthat in reply to benuski #
  • About to send what feels like 5zillionth message linking to recent posts from @DerangeDescribe to person interested in the profession. #sigh #
  • @cbuttram As often as I think "this can't be real" when reading @yourlastword, I realize that it actually is. Also, send pics of monkey. in reply to cbuttram #
  • Received a paper letter (dig the novelty) & the mention that they need a quick response is simultaneously cracking me up & confusing me. #
  • @ErinZ4 So far, no one remembers those ppl visiting. But I'd still like to see the video as it might be elsewhere. in reply to ErinZ4 #
  • Surprised to discover the only Quran in our collection is a 1912 Italian edition translated by Eugenio Camillo Branchi. #
  • @archivesnext Thanks for making sure more ppl know that @benuski is working somewhere in need of serious workflow re-organizations. 😉 in reply to archivesnext #
  • If I had a robot like the Jetson's I wouldnt still b running errands. #giftidea #fb #

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Swem Library’s Special Collections Research Center is a learning lab for students, much like a science lab, except the raw materials we offer for your experimentation and observation are original manuscripts, photographs, rare books, sheet music, maps, and other unique or rare treasures documenting humanity’s history and culture.

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