Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26

  • @benuski Good to know that libraryworker cardigan will finally have authentic kitteh hair on it. #
  • I'm probably going to slip a pirate reference into this recommendation I'm writing this afternoon. #thisiswhatyougetwhenIwriteyourreference #
  • @LMo3120 I love the challenge, thank you! May be able to work into as discussing radio station collection: "booty-shaking records"? in reply to LMo3120 #
  • The point when RVA tells Billyburg to suck it got me laughing. RT @kaappiah If Historic Richmond Had a Facebook Page #
  • After living here nearly 4 yrs colleague shared 1895 journal article "Virginia Names Spelt One Way & Called Another." Now will I understand? #
  • These are spelt v. called: Crenshaw=Granger?!? Enroughty=Derby??? Timberlake=Timberleg. Why is this list not provided @ the DMV? #
  • @mmhfraser Featherstonehaugh family didn't make VA list but colleague fwd'd review of Oxford BBC Guide to Pronunciation that did. #neverends in reply to mmhfraser #
  • Oh hai humid day. Whatever. I've got socks on my packing list, so eat it. #fb #
  • Tonight may just be the long-awaited walnut shake from the Queen Anne Dari Snak experiment. #
  • On a long layover in newark I can't help but wonder about the impact deputizing TSA as fashion police might have. #transparentwhitedresses #
  • @benuski Glad to know you are keeping your options open. Sersiously. in reply to benuski #
  • Poutinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeee! and crepes. and beers. and I'm moving to vt. as soon as I develop a craft I can sell @ the farmers markets. #

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