K.O.B. Ribbon Society

K.O.B. Group Photo, circa 1931This image of female students of the K.O.B. ribbon society surrounding the Botetourt Statue appeared in the 1931 Colonial Echo yearbook. Shortly after William & Mary became a co-ed in 1918, “a certain group of girls who found each other’s company congenial, decided to form a ribbon society.” As a precursor to the current sorority system, selected William & Mary female students formed the G.G.G. club and others the K.O.B. club. K.O.B. members “wore a yellow ribbon on their wrists once each month and on special occasions” as a mark of their membership in the ribbon society.

“Ribbon Societies Are Explained to Freshmen,” an October 2, 1925 Flat Hat article, gives an in-depth description of the formation and activities of these groups:

"Ribbon Societies are Explained to Freshmen," Flat Hat, 2 Oct. 1925

“Ribbon Societies are Explained to Freshmen,” Flat Hat, 2 Oct. 1925


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  1. Finally, there’s something that gave an explanation on what Ribbon Societies are. It’s one of those many things here on Earth that I’ve been dying to know what are they, what they do…and here it is.

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