Must Love Dogs: Journal of a Neglected Bulldog

You may recall from our first series blog post that the Special Collections Research Center holds the second largest collection of books on dogs in the United States.

Today’s blog post highlights one of our many titles, Journal of a Neglected Bulldog by Barbara Blair, published in 1911 by George W. Jacobs & Co. of Philadelphia.

Front Cover, The Journal of a Neglected Bulldog

The Nov. 25, 1911 issue of The Publisher’s Weekly states that “In this book the ‘author’ – a most observant bulldog – relates some of his experiences, comments upon life as he sees it, moralizes upon the human weaknesses and frailties revealed in mankind, and incidentally exposes the love affairs of his master and a certain young lady named Mildred.”  The bulldog – Little Slam – even dedicates the book to “Cats I have Chased.”

Dedication Page

The book also features several illustrations by Eugene A. Furman.

Illustration Illustration2 Inside Illustration and Title Page

If you’re curious to know how the book ends, it is available to read anytime the Special Collections Research Center is open.

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